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Chivalry of a Failed Knight 4

Volumen Nº: 4
Idioma: Inglés
  • Inglés
Formato: Digital


Ikki and the rest of Hagun Academy’s representatives are made to share a training camp with Tohoku’s leading school, Kyomon Academy, as they and their coaches begin preparing for the Seven Stars Battle Festival. Everything goes off without a hitch—until Hagun Academy falls victim to a sudden assault.

“I’m going to need you to fall. You will be the stepping stones that lead to our success.”

Ikki, Stella, Hagun’s student council, and the others come face-to-face with Akatsuki, a powerful gang of Blazers from the dark underbelly of society. Just as the fires of war begin to rage, a supposed ally unsheathes the dagger of betrayal! Worse yet, Ikki’s path to knighthood is blocked by the strongest Blazer in the entire world!

What will come of this premature confrontation? A fierce battle awaits at the boundary between hope and despair, the place where dreams and reality intersect!

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